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Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2019/2020

Wednesday 16th October 2019 Peter Davey Clifton Rocks Funicular Railway The life story of this feat of underground engineering
Wednesday 20th November 2019 Richard Clammer The Mysterious Story of John Cabot and The Matthew The other Americas discovery story
Wednesday 18th December 2019 Mark Davis Heiptrw Hw! - Droving in the Brecon Beacons Old livestock routes to England and the landscape clues in The Welsh Marches
Wednesday 15th January 2020 Dr. Mark Lewis The Two Rivers of Chepstow Roman Chepstow & its Hinterland
Wednesday 19th February 2020 at 7:15 p.m. Elizabeth Baker The Priory Church of St Mary, Usk 'Builders and Benefactors' (Meeting is at the church)
Wednesday 18th March 2020 POSTPONED Prof. Ray Howell The Footprint of Llangybi Castle Inside story from the man who assisted The Time Team


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2018/2019

Wednesday 17th October 2018 Dr Rhian Morgan 'The King in the Car Park' Richard 3rd will be revealed
Wednesday 21st November 2018 Sue Amos Back from Trafalgar and Nelson State Funeral Horatio: The British hero through life and death
Wednesday 19th December 2018 Peter Strong Henry Jones: Flour King Monmouth man's great discovery
Wednesday 16th January 2019 David Cartwright Hughesovska and the Welsh Development of the Russian Iron Industry A family tale across continents
Wednesday 20th February 2019 Prof Maddy Gray Wall Art at Llangybi Church Details of our local treasure
Wednesday 20th March 2019 Paul Busby Raglan Castle and the Dukes of Beaufort The Castle/Palace and its place in history with the noble Dukes


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2017/2018

Wednesday 18th October 2017 Paul Taylor Caves of the Forest and Monmouthshire Visit some places you can never go! See the world beneath your feet!
Wednesday 15th November 2017 Dr. John Kershaw The History of Clocks Come and watch the clock! Marking time! How it's been done
Thursday 14th December 2017 Chris Witts My Life on the Severn Real life experience from the Severn Bridge disaster 50 years ago (and much more)
Wednesday 17th January 2018 Dr Naylor Firth The Curres of Itton 600 years of history with evidence on the ground
Wednesday 21st February 2018 John Evans 50 Years of Steel Bridge Building The first Severn Crossing and other bridges
Wednesday 21st March 2018 Dr. Mark Lewis 'Let There Be Light' Illumination through adventures in the laboratory. Latest news in Conservation and Forensic Egyptology


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2016/2017

Wednesday 19th October 2016 Chris Barker. The Royal Mint The history of our money Find out what happened when we stopped bartering
Wednesday 16th November 2016 Jonathan Stephens. Local solicitor The Cefn Tilla estate (of the late Lord Raglan) Winding up the estate and preparing it for sale
Tuesday 13th December 2016 Geoff Hughes, BA Med MBA The story of our Prison Service and the history of Usk Prison Come and learn the "inside" story
Wednesday 18th January 2017 Richard Turner. Formerly of Cadw The history and landscape of the Gwent Levels Learn more about the landscape on our doorstep
Wednesday 15th February 2017 Dr Naylor Firth. Local historian The history of Devauden (from 360 million years ago till today) How geology and scenery influenced our history
Wednesday 15th March 2017 Frank Olding. Heritage officer, Blaenau Gwent The story of the Celts Clues all around us here in Wales


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2015/2016

Wednesday 21st October 2015 Dr Naylor Firth. Local Historian Industrial History of the Wye Valley How and why it happened.
Wednesday 18th November 2015 Mr Robin Williams. Local Specialist Japanware - the unique local 'enamelling' process Beautiful items to rival the oriental treasures. Your chance to see and handle locally crafted goods.
Tuesday 15th December 2015 Dr Cherry Lewis. Research Fellow Bristol University David Muchet and his contribution to 'the map that changed the world' Exciting discovery of a map showing geological treasure to drive on the Industrial Revolution.
Wednesday 20th January 2016 Mr Steve Clarke. Local Archaeologist "The Lost Lake" Monmouth's huge prehistoric lake and the people who lived on its shores.
Wednesday 17th February 2016 Jonathan Jenkins. Farmer, Carpenter & Historian Howick Farm - 1306 to Present Day The story of a farm, its architecture and residents.
Wednesday 16th March 2016 Mr Peter Strong. Local Historian The Severn Tunnel The Disaster, how it was overcome and the significance of Sudbrook.


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2014/2015

Wednesday 15th October 2014 Mr Peter James. CEO, Cintec Ltd "A Stitch in Time" Bridges to Pyramids, Castles to Lime Kilns. A local company saving the world's structural heritage
Wednesday 19th November 2014 Mr Richard Frame. The British Resistance Army in Monmouthshire The story of the Resistance Army if invasion had happened in WWII
Wednesday 17th December 2014 Dr. Sian Rees. Former Inspector Ancient Monuments, Cadw "My Career in Ruins" Stories about our buildings and their past glory
Wednesday 21st January 2015 Mr Paul Busby. Local historian and Tredegar House guide "Cocktails and Laughter" The adventures of Evan Morgan and his indulgent guests at Tredegar House
Wednesday 18th February 2015 Ms. Karin Molson. Learning Manager, Mon CC Evacuation to Monmouthshire in WWII Operation Pied Piper - the mass evacuation, mostly of children, from the cities to our countryside in WWII.
Wednesday 18th March 2015 Mr Frank Olding. Heritage Officer, Blaenau Gwent The Industrial Revolution in Blaenau Gwent Heritage on our doorstep; Where PROGRESS began?


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2013/2014

Wednesday 16th October 2013 Peter Strong. Gwent Local History Group Murder of Kymin Bet. Adventures with my library card The story of the investigation of this local crime
Wednesday 20th November 2013 Gerallt Nash. Senior Curator Historic Buildings, St Fagans Saving St. Teilo's Recreating a Medieval church
Wednesday 18th December 2013 Frank Olding. Heritage Officer at Blaenau Gwent The Lost Pubs of Abergavenny Come and hear what we missed!!
Wednesday 15th January 2014 Phillip Wilson. The National Trust Tredegar House Its historic past and bright future
Wednesday 19th February 2014 Dr John Davies. Senior consultant cardiologist A History of Medicine (Letters from Hunter to Jenner) The birth of vaccination and eradication of smallpox
Wednesday 19th March 2014 Ms. Karin Molson. Learning Manager, Mon CC Charles Rolls and the Llangattock family The aviation and motoring pioneer and his family


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2012/2013

Wednesday 17th October Mark Lewis, Caerleon Legionary Museum The Beyond In Our Midst Prepare for Halloween. Come and hear about the Roman afterlife.
Wednesday 21st November Peter Strong, Head of History at Caldicot School Monmouthshire Agricultural Workers: Part 2 Find out about the work of Rural Women in the 1860's
Wednesday 19th December Keith Underwood Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke The exciting story of the life and times of Richard de Clare and his connections to Chepstow
Wednesday 16th January Oliver Blackmore, Newport Museum Caerwent - The Antiquarian Archive One of the most significant sites in Wales and the infancy of modern archaeology at the start of the 20th century
Wednesday 20th February Sara Hews, St Fagans National History Museum Attitudes to Sex and Relationships Retro Sex Education. How did they Do It??
Wednesday 20th March Richard Turner, CADW How to build a Castle No Stones Unturned


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2011/2012

Wednesday 19th October Toby Jones, Curator of the Newport Ship Recent Discoveries of the Newport Medieval Ship Project New information revealed by laser scanning and computer technology
Wednesday 16th November Mel Warrender, Ebbw Vale Works Archive/Museum Why Ebbw Vale? 1790-1936 Talk & film presentation on the Iron Works and Strip Mill
Wednesday 21st December Dr Cheryl Morgan, Chair, Raglan History Group History of Raglan The story of the past of our nearest neighbouring town
Wednesday 18th January Prof. Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography The Severn Estuary, Past Present & Future The influence on us all of this great waterway
Wednesday 15th February Helena Gerrish, Author & Garden Designer Edwardian Country Life - the story of H. Avray Tipping Tipping designed the gardens at Mathern Palace, Mounton House, High Glanau Manor, & Chequers
Wednesday 21st March Daryl & Sam Williams 'Geophysics - the most fun an archaeologist can have standing up'? How geophysical survey can better our understanding of local Iron Age sites: Llanmelin Hillfort, Coed y Careau and Gaer Fawr


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2010/2011

Wednesday 20th October Stuart Wilson The Lost City of Trellech An update on the latest discoveries since Stuart's last visit in 2006
Wednesday 17th November Mark Lewis Roman Origins of our Christmas and its Customs Roman history, with a Monmouthshire bias
Wednesday 15th December Elizabeth Baker The Marquis of Bute The story and influence on our region of the family with 'The Richest Man in Europe'
Wednesday 19th January Anne Gatehouse The Newport Transporter Bridge The history and future of this recently re-opened local landmark
Wednesday 16th February Peter Strong Men of the Fields Agricultural workers in Monmouthshire in the 1860's
Wednesday 16th March Jon Hoyle The Symonds Yat Hill Fort An iron age hillfort overlooking the River Wye in Gloucestershire


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2009/2010

Wednesday 21st October Howell Morgan & Andrew Nevill The Changing Fortunes of Llan yr Afon Manor Come and hear about the Manor's history and how the lottery fund is making a future for this building near Cwmbran
Wednesday 18th November Tony Hopkins Men at Arms - Musters in Monmouthshire Muster for our super-brief AGM and learn how the Tudors raised their troops
Wednesday 16th December Marion Davies Llan yr Afon Mill and The Work of the Friends An interesting evening to discover how this former corn mill may be restored
Wednesday 17th February Elizabeth Baker The Romans and their Army More about The Troops, Roman ones this time, to be revealed in true Elizabeth Baker style
Wednesday 17th March Bob Trett History & Meaning of Public House Signs Discover "The Local". A new look at the background and origins of their signs
Wednesday 21st April Frank Olding Archaeology of The Black Mountains (Part 3) Frank returns for our final episode, which features the Mediaeval and early modern history of the Black Mountains


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2008/2009

Wednesday 19th November Richard Davies AN INSIGHT INTO LLOYD GEORGE Richard is a member of Abergavenny Local History Group
Thursday 11th December Frank Olding ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS (PART 2) Frank returns to complete his talk on the Black Mountains
Wednesday 21st January Dr. Ray Howell SEARCHING FOR THE SILURES The ancient Celtic tribe of Monmouthshire
Wednesday 18th February Linda Swanson "THE HILL" AND ITS FORMER RESIDENTS Lifestyle, former glory, Restoration and Return Visits!! The house of a steel baron and its tenants
Wednesday 18th March Elizabeth Baker THE ROMANS AND THEIR RELIGION Return visit to hear more enlightening tales of our Roman heritage
Wednesday 15th April Mrs Jan Barrow
(Assisted by John Barrow)
USK & DISTRICT AT WAR Come and learn what was going on in the locality at this exciting time in our recent history


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2007/2008

Wednesday 17th October Derek Bissel SAMUEL JOHNSON AND HIS DICTIONARY Celebrating its 250th anniversary. The most important, interesting and exciting contribution to English Language. Find out how it is still relevant today. (Not for the prudish.)
Wednesday 21st November Anne Rainsbury THE PIERCEFIELD PEOPLE - A Bitter Sweet Legacy Learn more of The Caribbean Connections. An amazing story from slavery to society. (Anne is Curator at Chepstow Museum.)
Wednesday 19th December Elizabeth Baker THE ROMANS ---- AND THEIR FOOD They brought us roads and used the network to introduce produce from Italy. Find out more about the original "Pizza Hut" and how our cuisine improved thanks to the Romans. Refreshment tasting session to follow the talk.
Wednesday 16th January David Rimmer THE CORONERS INQUEST A mystery to many - here is your chance to learn more about the system. (David is the County Archivist.)
Wednesday 20th February Brian Davies WILLIAM EDWARDS ---- BRIDGE BUILDER (In this world and the next) Learn about the Bridge Building Minister, his tenacity, passion and possible connection to Usk. (Brian is Curator, Pontypridd Museum.)
Wednesday 19th March Marion Davies and Graham Ward MARCHER STUARTS ---- AND THEIR APPAREL This is your chance to meet a 17th Century Musketeer, and his lady, to learn more about him, and her lot.


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2006/2007

Wednesday 18th October Stuart Wilson The Lost City of Trellech Stuart is the leader of the major new excavations being done in a field near Trellech village centre.
Wednesday 15th November Mark Lewis How we know what we know about Roman Caerleon Mark is from the National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon.
Tuesday 19th December Frank Olding The archaeology of the Black Mountains Frank is the presenter of the BBC Wales TV programme 'Reading the Ruins', which has recently been re-shown.
Wednesday 17th January Peter Strong Workers, Warriors & Waywards; women in WWII Peter is Head of History at Caldicot Comprehensive and will be talking about the role of women in WWII.
Wednesday 21st February Ian McFarlane The Prehistory of Two Local Hills Ian is a founder of the Shirenewton Local History Group and will be talking about Gray Hill and Llanishen Hill Fort.
Wednesday 21st March Major Keith Down History of the Royal MonmouthshireRoyal Engineers (Militia) The base of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers is at the castle in Monmouth.
Saturday 12th May Guide - Mark Lewis Walking Tour of Roman Caerwent Afternoon visit. Meet at 2 p.m.


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2005/2006

Wednesday 19th October Keith James Life of a common soldier in the Civil War
Wednesday 16th November Bob Trett History of Caerleon (and AGM)
Thursday 15th December John Grove The Mortimer Dynasty - Marcher Lords with connections to Usk
Wednesday 18th January Peter Strong The Muddle Puddle: Water supply to Newport in the 19th century
Wednesday 15th February David Rimmer Archives and the Family Historian from the earliest times to 1837
Wednesday 5th March Daphne Pearson William Walters of Skenfrith: some Aspects of 16th century Law
May (date to be arranged) Guide - Sir Richard Hanbury-Tennison Tour of Clytha House and grounds


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2004/2005

 October 20 Anne Rainsbury  How the River Wye shaped the growth of Chepstow: Part Two (using material from the Chepstow Museum collection)
November 17 Philip Hughes The History of the Monmouthshire, Brecon & Abergavenny Canals
December 15 Simon Haslett Olway Valley: Ice Age and Beyond
January 19 Liz Pitman Gilded Angels: the Brute Stone Masons of Llanbedr
February 16 Geoff Mein We know what the Normans did for us but where were the locals when they did it? - an insight into lost mediaeval villages
March 16 Annette Burton Clergy of the Church of England in 18thC Monmouthshire: Saints or Sinners?
April (date to be decided: a weekday afternoon) Spitalfields Trust Guided visit to Allt-y-Bela


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2003/2004

16th October
Dr Derek Bissel: Old Roads - History, Landscape and Furniture
19th November
Francesca Kay: Medieval Pleasure Gardens, Folklore and Magic
17th December
Steve Ryan: History of the Severn Ferry
21st January
Richard Keen: Dr Johnson got it wrong: the Landscape and Culture of Wales
18th February
Lisa Drewett: Children of the Parish: the logbook and admissions register of Llangwm School
17th March
Anne Rainsbury: How the River Wye shaped the growth of Chepstow - using material from the Chepstow Museum collection
12th May
Llangwm Local History Group - Resource Centre Open Evening. Displays and short talks.


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2002/2003

16th October Peter Strong: 2000 Years of Christianity in Caerwent
20th November Madeleine Gray: St Jerome's Church and the significance of its rood screen (cancelled due to illness, this talk is to be rescheduled)
18th December Martin Culliford: Trade in Southern Monmouthshire in the 17th and 18th centuries
15th January Frank Olding: Castles, hillforts and other monuments
19th February Bob Trett: Newport's medieval ship
19th March Madeleine Gray: St Jerome's Church and the significance of its rood screen
29th April Reminiscences: Local people recalling the past


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2001/2002

3rd October Keith Backhouse (the Manager at Coleg Gwent, Usk) :
Understanding our Landscape 
21st November Annual General Meeting 
Annette Burton and colleagues: Future Historical Directions
12th December Ray Billington: Is History True?
16th January Anne Wareham: The Veddw Settlement
20th February Paul Ronald and colleagues: Recent historical discoveries in Llangwm 
20th March Recalling the past: an evening of reminiscences
16th April Colin Titcombe: The Natural History of Sacred Places


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 2000/2001

18th October Bill Lloyd 
Local history; books and documents 
15th November Geoff Mein 
A new light on some of the more interesting buildings of Usk 
20th December Keith Underwood 
Tintern Abbey (presented in period costume) 
17th January David Rimmer 
The Martyrdom of David Lewis 
21st February Geoff Mathews 
Local Steam 
21st March Andrew Helme 
Guided visit to Monmouth Museum 


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 1999/2000

26th October Dr. Roy Williams 
Gwent Rural Life Museum 
23rd November Helen Marshall / Belinda Easton 
Off the Map - Historic Maps 
15th December John Evans 
Blaenavon and the Ironworks 
25th January Steve Clarke 
Monmouth - An Adventure in Archaeology 
22nd February Keith Underwood 
Chepstow and the Civil War (in period costume) 
28th March Julie McGowan 
The Sessions House, Usk (meeting held at the Sessions House) 


Llangwm Local History Group Programme 1998/1999

15th September Colin Titcombe 
Local history 'Around and About in Gwent' 
27th October Dr. Ray Howell 
The local history research carried out by the Lower Wye Valley History Society 
24th November David Rimmer (County Archivist) 
The Work of the Gwent Record Office and Records of Llangwm 
15th December Rev. Glyn Aston 
Christmas Traditions 
26th January Geoff Mein 
Archaeology from the Air 
23rd February Mrs. Annette Burton 
Writing a Village History 

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